Do London Escorts Have Artistic Names?

When you first start to date London escorts, you may wonder if London escorts use their real name. Most girls who work as escorts in London do adopt what they like to call an artistic name. Of course, there are escorts in London who do use their real first name. However, you will find that most charlotte escorts very rarely give you their second name or surname. It is not because they are prima donas, instead it has to do with security. Most escorts would have a string of excited gentlemen callers waiting for them if they gave out their surnames.

How do London escorts come up with their professional names? The best way to think of London escorts names, is like call signs. For instance, you may find that a London escort who calls herself Ruby has ruby red lips. Take a closer look. Are her lips the lips that you would like to kiss tonight? If that is the case, more than likely you will find that is the reason why she has picked the name Ruby. It is a classical London escorts name that has been popular for a long time.

What about a girl who calls herself Mercedes? Does that mean she has a thing about Mercedes cars? When it comes to London escorts, it probably does not mean that at all. Instead it is much more likely to refer to her chassis. Does she have a beautiful body? If she does have a very beautiful sexy body, this is probably the reason why this London escort has adopted the name Mercedes. As we all know, many London escorts have sexy and beautiful bodies. Maybe this is why you will find that it is such a popular name with escorts in London.

Other popular names include Anita and Cherie. Why Anita has become such a popular name with London escorts is not clear. Could it be that many men think about sexy Scandi girls when they hear the name Anita? Many Swedish and other Scandi escorts back in the 1960’s used to be called Anita. The name seems to have first become popular during the later part of the 1960s. Cherie is rather self explanatory. It means darling. Little darlings are, after all, what most London escorts are when they are out on dates. They are often called darling by their clients, so why not call yourself darling from the start.

If you worked for a London escorts agency, what would you call yourself? It is easy to make up your own London escorts name and imagine you work for an escort agency in London. Take a look a look at yourself in the mirror and consider your looks. Do you have a large welcoming bosom? If you are fortunate enough to be well endowed, calling yourself something along the lines of Titiana may just suit you. Busty is another name that you may want to take under consideration as a suitable professional name for London escorts.